Hydro Dyne Industries has over 33 years of experience manufacturing Hydraulic Valves for industry and Mobile Hydraulics. Our Hydraulic Valves are designed and made in India.

Our Valves are suited for industrial rugged use and can replace Valves from Parker, Polyhydron, Hydraforce and all other leading Valves manufacturers.

Our Hydraulic Valves include Cartridge Type Valves, Line Mounted and CETOP Modular Valves.

A. Cartridge And Custom Built Valves

Hydrodyne Industries manufactures a wide variety of Valves such as direction, pressure and volume control sequencing, unloading etc; and for specific applications such as load holding, over-center control, priority flow and flow division, safety fuse, high & low flow double pump, unloading block etc.

Hydrodyne Industries broad line of Threaded Cartridge Valves provide total system design flexibility, reliability, simple field servicing, leak free operation and cost saving.

Hydrodyne’s program includes a line of Screw-In Type Cartridges, supported by the full range of innovative and compact Valves appropriated for direct mounting on actuators, Cylinders and Motors. We also continue to work with OEM’s in creating Hydraulic Integrated Circuit blocks.

B. Cetop Modular Valves

A wide range of control Valves in CETOP – 3 (NG 6) to CETOP – 7 (NG 22) mountings with superior flow characteristics. These are mostly manufactured using Threaded Cartridges for reliable performance and ease of maintenance. Rated up to 210 or 350 bars.

C. Manifolds Circuit Blocks

Standard and custom designed Manifold Circuit Blocks using Threaded / Slip-ink Cartridges and Face Mounted Control Valves offer high level of compactness, aesthetics and leak free operations for many years.

Hydraulic Valves We Provide:

Relief Valve

Accumulator Unloading Valve

Pressure Reducing Valve

Sequence Valve

Flow Restrictor (Needle Valve)

Priority Valve

Check Valve

Shuttle Valve
Manual Release Valve
Over-Centre Valve
Flow Divider Combiner Valve
Way Solenoid Valve
Pilot Operated Logic Element
Hose Burst Check Valve
Cylinder Lowering Valve

Special Valves


Consist of two direct acting poppet style cartridge relief valve with shuttle valves. These are designed to provide overload and protection. Fast  response and  excellent  stability. Install the valve as close as the actuator. 


Flow control valve series  SPFV are 3 way with one inlet “P” and two outlet  “A” and “B” the first outlet ”A” being priority pressure compensated type with relief valve and available through a solenoid  cartridge, the second outlet “B” is the by-pass for all flow in excess of what demanded by priority. Both flow from “A” and “B” ports can be employed to power different functions of machine.


These valves provide a simple and efficient way to power hydraulic tools(such as hydraulic hammer) from existing hydraulic system, without any need to modify the direction control valve.

Inline Direct Operated Pilot Check Valve (IDPC)