Franchise Range :
Jacks, Hand pumps, Hydraulic Cylinders
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  Nike Hydraulics, Sweden offers wide range of products for 800 bars working pressure in following categories.
Industrial Hydraulics Rams, Hard Pump, Bolt Cutters etc.
Rescue Equipments Cutter Spreader, Combination Tool Used for free Fighting Application.
Automotive Hydraulic Bottle Jacks, Trolley Jacks, Axle Stands
Hydraulic Intensifier
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  Mini Booster, Denmark offers a very compact high pressure intensifier for output pressures up to 2000 bars, weighting less than a kg. Mini Booster driven Power packs offer sharp advantages regarding speed, accuracy, reliability, low noise level & safety of operation
Hedland Flowmeter
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  Hedland, USA, make flow meters for flow measurement of various medium such as oil, water based fluid, petroleum flues, air compressed gases
Flo - Tech
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1) Sensor Array: simultaneously measures flow, pressure & temperature.
2) Turbine flow Sensor : Turbine flow measurement
  Flow Range : 0.4 to 350 GPM
  Pressure Range : Up to 6000 PSI
  Pressure Range : Up to 6000 PSI
3) Digital Display
4) Portable Hydraulic Tester
5) Pressure & Temperature Sensor
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