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 Defence Project
Hydraulic Brake Actuating System
Test Rig For Servo-Package
Pressure Cartridge Valve Assembly
Servo Package
Defence Projects :
1) Hydraulic Brake Actuating System  
It is a two-circuit hydraulic brake system with two separate brake circuits & serves to actuate the brake that built into or onto the transmission.

The brakes system of MBT consists of friction disc brake (Service Brakes) and a hydrodynamic retarder. The service brake is actuated hydraulically by means of DC drive hydraulic brake actuating system. The system compresses hydraulic power pack accumulator block and a brake pressure control valve with two micro switches for retarder and service brakes operation that works in conjunction with the pedal.
2) Test Rig For Servo-Package  
The hydraulic test branch has been engaged to test & evaluate the performance of components & assembly of both elevation & traverse servo-packages in Gun Control System.

The special purpose testing of servo package not only evaluates the qualification of its components but by defects analysis it can be used for rectification of the components & the servo packages. The four section of the panel can accommodate testing of mainly Load Valve, Cross Line Relief Valve (both elevation & traverse mode) servo and any other valve in general mode especially for static testing..

The test rig consists of hydraulic power Pack, power supply & the test bench with display panel.
3) Pressure Cartridge Valve Assembly  
  Pressure sequence valve sub assembly consisting of 6 valves mounted on M.S. Plate by connecting valve in series 16 bar (10+4+2 bar).
4) Servo Package  
  Servo Packaged is a manifold consisting of various modules for controlling oil flow to the actuators. It operates the following three modes:
1) Power Mode 2) Stabilized Mode 3) Manual Modes
  The traverse servo package actuates the hydraulic motor & the elevation servo package actuates the hydraulic cylinder. The servo packages consist of following modules.
1) Proportional Valve/direct Drive
2) Two Stage Servo Valve
3) Cross-Port Relief Valve
4) Lock Valve
5) Mode Separation Module
(Pilot Operated Check Or Transfer Valve)
6) Differential Pressure Transducer
7) Anti Cavitations Check Valve
8) Cartridge Filter for Stabilized Mode
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