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Cylinders :
1) Cylinders  
Hydrodyne cylinders, precision engineered in design and construction reliability and trouble free performance. Standard and custom and custom designed cylinders are offered for limitless applications such as machine tools, heavy duty steel mill, mobile, servo, defence, space etc.

Six series of single stage and one telescopic standard cylinder cover the mildest range of hydraulic cylinders manufactured by anyone in the industry. Additional rotary cylinders for steel mill application
2) Streamline Construction(WCG)
  With threaded gland WCG Series up to 200 mm bore and 175 bars working pressure.
3) Welded Flange Construction(WCF)
WCF Series up to 250 mm bore & 175 bars working pressure CMD Series (for Mill Duty application) up to 2320 mm bore and 250 bars working pressure.
4) Tie Rod Construction (TLM)&(THM)
THM Series up to 10 inch bore & 160 bars working pressure THM Series up to 250 mm bore & 210 bars working pressure (based on ISO 6020/11)
  LM Series up to 10 inch bore & 50 bars working pressure
5) Telescopic Cylinders
6) Custom Made Cylinders
Hydraulic Jacks Rotary Cylinders Special Cylinders
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